Manfred Tackenberg Maschinenvertriebs GmbH

Your machine trade in Heiligenhaus

The Manfred Tackenberg Maschinenvertriebs GmbH in Heiligenhaus is the address for the purchase and sale of new and used machine tools.

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The company Manfred Tackenberg Maschinenvertriebs GmbH

Purchase, disposal and mediation of machine tools and industrial facilities

The Manfred Tackenberg Maschinenvertriebs GmbH in Heiligenhaus is your specialist for world wide trading with used machine tools and industrial facilities. Our company is active in trading with machine tools and industrial facilities already in second generation .

Benefit from 30 years of experience in purchase, disposal and mediation of machines and trust in terms of machine tools and industrial facilities in Manfred Tackenberg Maschinenvertriebs GmbH. The central location of our company in Heiligenhaus - in the triangle between Düsseldorf, Essen and Wuppertal – guarantees a good accessibility.

Cooperation sustains Innovation

The specific realisation of todays challenges requires strong alliances. Therefore we bundle our resources to benefit from efficiency-advantages together with our customers. The synthesis between high-grade technology and a strong distribution- and service network offers a wide range of products as well as a unique presence. As a consequence of the bundled innovative capacity, the range of products and services is on the one hand optimized, and on the other new technical standards are defined. T-Industries stands for united arts of engineering in more than 20 years of special machinery construction and over 40 years in machine tool trading. In doing so we are geared to operative efficiency and excellence, to fulfill your needs and requirements even better and to strengthen your performance consequently.

The MW-Tec GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1997 by Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Mittelstädt and Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Weyers. Our enterprise has developed during the past years from a pure service provider to an entirely supplier of the industry. Today we provide special machinery for miscellaneous tasks state-of-the-art. Because of our experience in special machinery construction we have picked up a pallet of chosen components in our delivery programme. We develop and produce special machinery and equipment for the automation of assembly, inspection and machining operations. All constructions are conform to the machining guidelines and are delivered with a detailed documentation.


Used machines

Manfred Tackenberg
Phone: 02056 4978

Trader of New Machinery

Tobias Tackenberg
Phone: 02051 257695

Special Machines Construction

Dipl.- Ing. Uwe Weyers
Phone: 02051 258181